Web Development



Information about the web:

  1. An IP address serves as the digital address for a device that is connceted to the web. The IP identifies a device and provides information about its location, etc.

  2. A domain name is the name that people use for websites in place of an IP, and DNS servers store these domain names and which IPs are associated with them. Domain names relate to IP addresses because when a domain is used to access a website, the DNS accesses the corresponding IP address.

  3. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language because using html, one uses tags to markup text so the computer knows how to display it-(the hypertext).

  4. The default page of a website is also known as the "index" page. This is the page that is shown by the web browser when the user doesn't specify a page in the URL.

  5. The html tag for an image is "img src" (within angular brackets), and this tag is singular, with no ending tag. After "img src," you must specify the local address/name or web address of a particular image, you can resize the image, and you can include text to be displayed in case of a failure to display your image.